Monday, November 3, 2014

Image Writing

I was paddling my boat in the ocean. I was 5km out from shore. Suddenly I felt very tired and fell asleep. 2 hours later I had woken up. Then I stood up on my boat. In the bottom of my feet I could not feel any rocking. I thought I must be in very calm waters. looking around, I had arrived at an island, “but where on earth am I?” “Come in, come in do you copy?” I said to my walky talky. There was no reply.
I got out my phone to see if there was any reception  “but there wasn't any”.

So I decided to set up camp. I found some dry moss,some branches, leaves and a stick. It took a long time to build but at least I have shelter. I grab some of the moss that I collected earlier. I grabbed the stick and went right and left again until the moss started burning. 5 minutes later of hard work it had lit.

I thought to myself I  better quickly get some dinner. I found a stream. I looked really hard to see if I could find any fish. “There!”  I quickly grabbed it. It started jumping everywhere. I lost it. I struggled to hold it because it was so slippery from coming out of the water. I had caught a salmon.

I had finally got back to my shelter. Looking out to the mountains the sun started to go down below the horizon. I said  to myself it is time for bed.

The following morning I had got up. All of a sudden I hear someone calling “are you there, are you there?” “Copy that”. The man on the other side of the line replied “who are you”? I replied saying my name is Jared. They said back “my name is Mark”. “Are you lost”? I said “I am well intruely lost”. “I will help you ok” “ok”  “Can you give me a description of the island, so we can send a rescue helicopter to come and rescue you” “Sure I can”

“ok” “ it is very bushy, it has tall pine trees”. “Hang on I need to get a piece paper and a pen”. “Is that all you can give me”. “Yes” “ok”.

1 hour later they had found me and some man came down on a winch and a harness. He gave me a harness and were winched up to the helicopter. We flew back to the station. I was very happy to be rescued.             boat.gif

Friday, October 31, 2014


A Blood Story

It was just before dinner. We were having pizza. My sister was teasing me with a slice that she had taken off my plate. I felt very angry at her when she took the slice.

I chased her all around the backyard. 5 minutes later she had finally given up. Then she said “here you go.” I said next time I will get your piece of pizza. I went to grab it but she started running again with it. That’s when I fell over and grassed my head.

Then it started bleeding. I walked inside to mum, she helped me clean it up with disinfectant. I put it on cotton buds. It took 5 minutes to clean it all up. Finally it stopped bleeding. It was sore for a while. It felt like I had bumped my head on something. It gave me a headache all night.

In the morning it wasn't as sore. The next day I went to school. Everyone in my class asked me  “what did you do to your head?” I said it was a long story. So I told all of them. Then I had to write about something that I did in the weekend. I thought to myself I know what I am going to write about. So I wrote about my accident all with thanks to the help of my sister.   

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bar Graph vs Line Graph

Bar Graph
Line Graph
Room 10’s favourite colour.
What fruit do we have in our lunch box?
How children come to school.
How long you can hold your breath for.
Most common number rolled on a dice

Temperatures in March.

The height of a bean plant over 2 months.
Depth of a bath.
Lemonade sales over a week.

  How long you can hold your breath for.

  How I felt over yachting week

Stats Vocabulary

Mean -  Average of a number of different amounts.
Median -  The middle value of an ordered set of scores, values or numbers.
Mode - A type of average in a set of scores, values or numbers, the mode is the one that is the most popular.

Range - The lowest score to the highest score.

The Best Part Of Me

I love my tongue. It is a human tool that everyone can use. You have little things on it called taste buds. That is how you can taste food.

It helps you move your food around in your mouth when you are chewing food. If you didn't have a tongue people wouldn't be able to understand you.

My tongue helps me pronounce my words properly so people can understand me when I talk. When I am cooking a meal for my family, my tongue helps me to get the perfect flavour so my family will enjoy my cooking. When my sister is being cheeky I can poke my tongue at her.

I like eating and cooking and my tongue helps me do both of those things.       

Thursday, September 11, 2014

V8 Supercar Enduros

25 roaring v8s, each one 650 horsepower. Its that time of year, yes the enduros. Everyone is wanting to win all three races. Which are the the sandown 500 , the legendary Bathurst 1000 and Gold Coast 600. The big trophy that everyone really wants to win is The Peter Brock trophy. Peter Brock is the king of the mountain having won 9 times at the Mountain.   
Gold Coast                                     Bathurst Sandown

The name of the competition is called the Pirtek Enduro Cup. Here are the 50 drivers.  

1. Jamie Whincup, Paul Dumbrell Red Bull Racing Australia.
2. Garth Tander, Warren Luff Holden Racing Team.
4. Lee Holdsworth, Craig Baird Erebus Motorsport.
5. Mark Winterbottom, Steve Owen Pepsi Max Crew Ford Performance Racing.
6 Chaz Mostert, Paul Morris Pepsi Max Crew Ford Performance Racing.
7. Todd Kelly, Alex Buncombe  Jack Daniel’s Racing.
8. Jason Bright, Andrew Jones  Team BOC.
9 Will Davison, Alex Davison  Erebus Motorsport.
14. Fabian Coulthard, Luke Youlden  Lockwood Racing.
15 Rick Kelly, David Russell  Jack Daniel’s Racing.
16. Scott Pye, Ash Walsh  Wilson Security Racing.
17. David Wall, Steven Johnson  Wilson Security Racing
18. Jack Perkins, Cameron Waters Team Jeld- Wen. Jack is the son of the famous Larry
21 Dale Wood, Chris Pither Team Advam/GB Gal
22. James Courtney, Greg Murphy  Holden Racing Team
23. Russell Ingall, Tim Blanchard  Repair Management Australia Racing
33. Scott Mclaughlin, Alexandre Premat  Valvoline Racing GRM or (Garry Rogers Motorsport)
34. Robert Dahlgren, Greg Ritter Valvoline Racing GRM or (Garry Rogers Motorsport)
36. Michael Caruso, Dean Fiore  Norton Hornets
47. Tim Slade, Tony D’Alberto Supercheap Auto Racing
55. David Reynolds, Dean Canto The Bottle-O Racing Team
97. Shane Van Gisbergen, Jonathon Webb Team TEKNO V.I.P. Petfoods
222. Nick Percat, Oliver Gavin HHA Racing
360. James Moffat ,Taz Douglas Norton Hornets. James is the son of the famous Allan Moffat.
888. Craig Lowndes, Steven Richards Red Bull Racing Australia. The son of the famous Jim
Richards. I reckon the is a very good combination.